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Gesäuse National Park

The Roaring Mountains


The Story

The Gesause – the “Roaring Mountains” – a wild, mountainous region of the Alps, a dramatic landscape of sheer, vertical rock faces, raging torrents of water and dark, secretive forest. Nowhere else in the Alps are rock, forest and river arranged in such a steep vertical alignment. The sound of the thundering water against the naked rock gives the area its name, the roar of the mountains echoing around the imposing peaks.

Generations of mountaineers have tried to conquer these mountains, often paying with their lives, but they weren’t the first. One hundred and fifty years ago, the monks of the Benedictine monastery of Admont reached the summits. They were exploring, studying and cataloguing the flora and fauna of the region, and fearless as they set out on their expeditions – “scientists in habits and hobnailed boots”.

With breath-taking images, prize-winning film maker Michael Schlamberger tells the extraordinary story of the Roaring Mountains. From a time when few dared enter the shadowy forests, through the 16th century when trees were felled to provide fuel for the iron industry, to its classification as Austria’s newest National Park, this is a fascinating tale.





German & English

Production Team

Written & Directed by Michael Schlamberger ● Photographed by Michael Schlamberger, Rolando Menardi ● Timelapse Camera Lukas Kogler, Christoph Groppenberger, Peter Stachel ● Aerials Irmin Kerck ● Camera Assistants Christian Ghafour ● Location Sound Martin Rohrmoser, Markus Eichl ● Editor Andrew Naylor ● Assistant Editor Lukas Kogler ● Music Kurt Adametz ● Vocal Ernst Huber / Broadlahn ● Dubbing Edit & Mix Raimund Sivetz ● Written by Victoria Coules; Harald Pokieser ● Narrated by Sean Pertwee  ● Colourist Willi Willinger ● Cast Fritz Gschoderer, Oliver Hochkofler, Andreas Hollinger, Franz Kettenhummer, Andrew Naylor, Gebhard Steinhauser, Sepp Unterberger, Mitbrüder Benediktinerstift Admont ● Archives Jiri Petr, Ennskraftwerke AG, Filmarchiv Austria, Movieman, Archiv Hasitschka, Steiermärkische Landesforste, Stiftsarchiv Admont, Stiftsbibliothek Admont ● Scientific Consultants Josef Hasitschka, Daniel Kreiner, Peter Praschag, Johann Tomaschek, Lisbeth Zechner ● Production Co-Ordinator Anita Pfeffinger ● Production Manager Rita Schlamberger ● Producer Rita Schlamberger ● Executive Producer Walter Köhler

Supported by Lebensministerium and Land Steiermark

Thanks to Gerfried Deutsch, Werner Franek Christa Gamperl, Josef Greimler, Rudolf Haslinger, Bettina Hofer, Andreas Hohenau, Andreas Hollinger, Andreas Holzinger, Pater August Janisch, Stift Rein Josef Kogler, Ernst Kren, Honsa Kuchynka, Reinhard Thaller Aleš Toman, Gerald Unterberger, Wolfgang Wetschnig, Karlheinz Wirnsberger, Vladimir Zadražil, Roland Zirbs

A Co-Production of ScienceVision, ORF, WDR, NDR and Gesäuse National Park.


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Making of The Film


29th International Wildlife Film Festival Montana
USA, Mai 2006: Merit Award for Aerial Photography

Internationales Berg- und Abenteuerfilmfestival
Österreich, November 2006: Lobende Erwähnung für die einzigartige Kameraführung

Orobie Film Festival
Italien, Februar 2007, 1. Preis in der Kategorie “Internationale Produktionen”

Russische Förderation, April 2007, Gewinner der Kategorie “Mountain and wild nature”

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