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The Four Alps


The Story

For as long as there has been human memory we have been fascinated by mountains. They have been forced up by the mighty inner forces of the planet, but are worn down by the forces of wind and flowing water and ice, and by the greatest force of all – time. And we have been fascinated too by those creatures which live in the mountains, at the very edge of creation.

The European Alps are amongst the most famous mountains on the face of the Earth. They dominate the continent, and they were to be the birthplace of modern mountaineering. The very word Alps has entered into world language. But there are four recognised Alpine regions in the world, not just the mountains that range across Europe.


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German & English

Production Team

Written & Directed by Jeremy Hogarth ● Camera Albert Ausobsky, Terry Carlyon, Michael Dillon, Paul Donovan, Stephen Downes, Wade Fairley, Irmin Kerck, Thomas Kirschner, Lukas Kogler, Rolando Menardi, Campbell Miller, Josef Neuper, David Parer, Georg Riha, Michael Schlamberger, Hans Schober, Hubert Schönegger, Bernhard Wallentin, Robert Winkler´● Editor Lukas Kogler ● Assistent Editor Manuel Steinwender ● Music Kurt AdametzSound Editor Lukas Kogler ● Title Mario Kaufmann ● Narrator Dunkan Larkin ● Sound Design & Dubbing Mix Rupert Metznitzer, Raimund SivetzColourist Tom VargaProduction co-ordinator Anita Pfeffinger ● Production manager Rita Schlamberger ● Producer Michael Schlamberger ● Executive producer Walter Köhler

Thanks to Annette Cooper, Rosi Crane, Jenny Gibson, Ken Green, Luna Yamato

A Co-Production of ScienceVision, ORF, WDR, NDR Naturfilm, ABC Australia And Natural History New Zealand.


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