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A wild river supporting wild lives

Zambezi – The Thundering River


The Story

It is one of the great rivers of the world, yet apart from the Victoria Falls most of is virtually unknown to the world – it is the Zambezi. And the full story of its journey and the life that the river controls through its seasons of flood and drought has never been fully told.

“Zambezi – The Thundering River” is a visually stunning two part series that follows the river from its headwaters to its delta. Through the seasons and both the wildlife as well as human cultures the films tell the story of the Zambezi through the times of rain and plenty to the dry months when its waters are the only source of life for everything.



2x 50min

German & English

Production Team

Written & Directed by Michael Schlamberger ● Photographed by Michael Schlamberger, Rolando Menardi ● Aerial Camera Simon Werry ● Editor Andrew Naylor ● Graphics Omer Sacic ● Music Kurt Adametz, Andreas Fabianek ● Vocals Insingizi ● Dubbing Editor & Mix Martin Rohrmoser ● Sound Design Raimund Sivetz, Martin Rohrmoser ● Sequence Director & Writer Jeremy Hogarth ● Narrated by Howard Nightingall  ● Location Managers Pete Hemingway, Tony King ● Archives Off the Fence, The Rhodesian Broadcasting Corporation ● Colourist Raimund Sivetz ● Production Managers Anita Pfeffinger, Wolfgang Knöpfler ● Producer Rita Schlamberger ● Co-Producers Jörn Röver, Gabriele Conze, Kornelia Theune, Ashley Hoppin ● Executive Producer Walter Köhler

A Co-Production of ScienceVision, ORF/UNIVERSUM, NDR Naturfilm, WDR, ARTE, National Geographic Channels International and National Geographic Channel.



International Wildlife Film festival Albert
France, March 2011, “Grand Prix” & Special Prize for Best Editing “Prix spécial du meilleur montage”

Fourth Annual Africa World Documentary Film Festival
USA, June 2011, Nomination “Best Film”

Sondrio Film festival 2011
Italy, October 2011, Nomination “Best Film”

Namur Nature Festival
Belgium, October 2011, Nomination



Internationales Berg- und Abenteuerfilmfestival Graz
Austria, November 2011, Nomination “Grand Prix Graz 2011” and “Best Camera”

Waga Brothers International Festival of Nature Film
Poland, June 2013, Nomination



IWFF (International Wildlife Film festival) Montana
USA, May 2011, Category “Best Television Series” and “Merit for Cinematography”

CINE Golden Eagle Festival 2011
USA, June 2011, CINE Golden Eagle Award

GREEN SCREEN Naturfilmfestival
Germany, September 2011, Winner of the category “Best Camera “ & Nomination for “Best Film”

Matsalu International Nature Film Festival
Estonia, September 2011, Nomination

Sichuan TV Festival “Gold Panda” Awards for Documentary
China, November 2011, Nomination “Best Long Documentary”

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