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The Flow of Nature



The Story

In July 2018, a new exhibition about the Hohe Tauern National Park opened in Muhr (Salzburg, Austria). The exhibition’s German name “[M]ursprung” is no coincidence, as the second longest river in Austria originates in the small village Muhr.

One of the highlights of the exhibition is a 10 minute film – presented in 4K resolution and 5.1 surround sound – that aims to familiarize visitors with the constant change and renewal of nature.

“The Flow of Nature” follows the river Mur on a journey back to its source, telling the story of change and renewal. In nature nothing ever remains the same. Nature is in a constant state of flux as only change can guarantee existence.


4K & 5.1


1x 10min

German & English

Production Team

Directed & Photographed by Michael Schlamberger ● Additional Photography Jiri Petr, Mario Cater, Irmin Kerck, Rolando Menardi, Rudolf Dobesberger ● Music Christian Eidlhuber, Jyrgen Fleischhacker, Ernst Gottschmann ● Narrator Bethan Dixon Bate ● Postproduction Omer Sacic ● Dubbing Editor & Mix Martin Rohrmoser ● Archive Linda Bower ● Production Rita Schlamberger

A production of ScienceVision for Salzburger Nationalparkfonds.


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