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Hohe Tauern

National Park Impressions


The Story

In the summer of 2006, the national park management units of Salzburg, Carinthia and Tyrol set up the first joint transregional National Park and Tourism Information Centre on the Grossglockner. The cinema in the information centre presents the visitors with impressive images from the Hohe Tauern National Park to persuade them to stay in the national park region for a few days.

The 15-minute film is projected continuously in High Definition and Dolby Surround 5.1 on an 8×4 metre surface. Because of the short distance between visitor and screen, the images appear “larger than life” and are extraordinarily effective. The outstanding production of the unique and emotional visual worlds translates the breathtaking highlights of the entire Hohe Tauern region into a visual treat.

Soaring high above the mountains, the mighty golden eagle looks out for fellow mountain creatures such as ibexes or marmots. Aerial shots of a group of mountaineers on the Grossglockner summit are combined with detail shots of the Krimmler waterfalls – adults are encouraged to acquire a taste for ice climbing and mountain biking, hiking across the endless Alpine meadows, joining a rafting tour or visiting the Stockmühlen. Attractions for the youngest visitors include baking bread and gold panning.

The images, accentuated by the emotional music score, tell everything there is to tell – the spoken word has been omitted on purpose. The visitor is made aware of the possibility of experiencing the presented content in real life within the limits of controlled national park tourism and embarks on a tour of the fascinating world of the Hohe Tauern National Park.


HD & 5.1



Production Team

Directed & Photographed by Michael Schlamberger ● Aerials Irmin Kerck ● Pilot Jörg Schnell ● Camera Assistant & Locationsound Martin Sochor, Maria Weber ● Location Manager Ulrike Berger ● Editor Lukas Kogler ● Online Edit Raimund Sivetz ● Music & Sound Kurt Adametz ● Colourist Thomas Varga ● Production Co-Ordinator Anita Pfeffinger ● Production Rita Schlamberger ● Cast Sofie Angermann, Wendelin Angermann, Cornelia Berger, Reinhard Berger, Barbara Brunner, Anton Daberer, Johan de Vos, Koen D`hulster, Hanni Dullnig, Hannes Eder, Robert Eksic, Martina Fankhauser, Günther Fürstauer, Katharina Gferer, Antonia Gferer, Annabell Granig, Stefan Granig, Gottfried Granig, Viktoria Granitzer, Raimund Granögger, Peter Haritzer, Daniel Herzig, Theresia Herzog, Karin Hofer, Roswitha Huber, Hanna Huber, Anna Huber, Klemens Jungmann, Angelika Kellner, Hans Keuschnig, Roland Klaunzer, Elke Klerrer, Kathrin Kramser, Sabrina Lackner, Conny Lackner, Irmi Lerchbaumer, Johanna Lerchbaumer, Alissa Lerchbaumer, Hans Leutgeb, Monika Lienharter, Erich Mosser, Gerlinde Mosser, Mathias Mühlburger, Ernie Nindl, Thomas Nindl, Elli Oberbichler, Sieke Paysen, Bernie Pichler, Andreas Pizzinini, Florian Rathgeb, Stefan Rathgeb, Martina Rehm, Michael Rieger, Margit Riepler, Rober Rieser, Andreas Rofner, Elisabeth Rofner, Herbert Rud, Felix Rupitsch, Inge Rupitsch, Valerie Rupitsch, Hansjörg Schachner, Maria Schmiedl, Lena Sebacher, Thomas Suntinger, Valerie Suntinger, Silvia Thöne, Martin Tribuser, Günter Troger, Simon Vetter, Lucas Wohlgemuth, Alexander Wohlgemuth, Peter Zirknitzer

Thanks to Marina Breycha, Gerhard Dullnig, Walter Heugenhauser, Herbert Hofer, Richard Huber, Franz Hutegger, Monika Innerhofer, Walter Innerhofer, Joseph Lackner, Petra Lemberger, Josef Maier, Günter Mussnig, Doris Nindl, Irene Nußbaumer, Walter Oczlon, Ferdinand Rieder, Peter Rupitsch, Herbert Schmuck, Hermann Steinberger, Thomas Steiner, Hermann Stotter, Gisela und Anton Suntinger, Tourismusverband St. Johann

A Production of ScienceVision for Hohe Tauern National Park.


Staatspreis Wirtschaftsfilm 2007
Austria, March 2007, Honourable Mention 2007
Austria, April 2007, Best Film in the category “Tourismus”

Tourism Filmfestival “Art&Tur Tourfilm” 2008
Portugal, September 2008, Best Film in the category ” Ecology and Tourism”

Silver Lake Tourfilm Festival 2009
Serbia, September 2009, “Silver Wave Award” in the category “Best Tourist

Film”International Jahorina Eco & Tourfilm Festival 2009
Bosnia & Herzegovina, December 2009, “SILVER BLUEBERRY” in the category “Tourism”

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