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The Emerald River


The Story

The name Isonzo awakens memories of the most probably bloodiest place of war in Austria’s history – but the dramatic fate of the river Isonzo itself and it’s wild beauty are today, still as good as unknown.

From it’s source in the Slovenian Alps up to the Italian border the Isonzo bears a feminine name: Soca. Crystal clear, pure to drink and ice cold throughout the year the Soca races through deep, narrow carst gorges into which rays of sun only very rarely fall, only to lose itself again in wide and wild landscapes hardly to be found twice in Europe.





German & English

Production Team

Filmed and directed by Michael Schlamberger ● Written by Klaus Feichtenberger ● Produced by Klaus Feichtenberger, Rita Schlamberger ● Editor Andrew Naylor ● Music Sarah Class ● Narrated by Barry Paine ● Dubbing editor Paul Clark ● Mixer Graham Wild ● Additional photography Helmut Schubert, Tomi Szommer ● Archive Document BT ● Production coordinator Barbara Schifko ● Location manager Markus Ladurner ● Production manager Rita Schlamberger ● Executive producer Walter Köhler, Paul Appleby, Marc Reynolds

Thanks to Paul Dresel, Alois und Otto Gamperl, Joze Ocvirk, Hannes Pötscher, Reptilienzoo Nockalm, Seacam/Harald Hordosch, Slowenische Redaktion des ORF Landesstudio Kärnten, Ales Toman, Vereinigte Bühnen Graz, Blaz Zidaric

A ScienceVision production for ORF, in association with BBC Worldwide and RTV Slovenija.


International Widescreen Festival Le Nombre d’Or Amsterdam
Netherlands, September 1997, Silver Rembrandt

Festival International du Film Ornithologique Ménigoute
France, October 1997, Prix de la Protection de la Nature

Internationales Berg- und Abenteuerfilmfestival Graz
Austria, November 1997, Kamera Alpin in Gold

Nature Film Festival Valvert Brussels
Belgium, November 1997, Prix Arelette Vincent’s – Cristal Eagle

Wildlife Europe 1997 Sundsvall
Sweden, December 1997, Innovation Prize

Séminaire de l’UER, SSR (Société Suisse de Radiodiffusion & Télévision)
Swiss, December 1997, Prix du meilleur programme éducatif

New York Film Festival
USA, January 1998, Finalist Award

International Wildlife Film Festival Missoula
USA, March 1998, Finalist Award – Best of Category Natural History, Merit Award for Wild Underwater Photography, Merit Award for Educational Value

Festival International du Film Animalier d’Albert
France, March 1998, 1er Prix Pêche

Le Nombre d’Or International Widescreen Festival Cannes
France, April 1998, Silver Rembrandt Award

Festival du Film de l’Oiseau Abbeville
France, April 1998, Special Mention

Festival International Film Montagna Esplorazione Avventura “Città di Trento”
Italy, May 1998, Silberner Enzian

Wildscreen ’98, Bristol
United Kingdom, October 1998, Finalist

Mostra Internazionale dei Documentari sui Parchi Sondrio
Italy, November 1998, City of Sondrio Gold Plaque, Audience Award

Festival International du Film Montagne & Aventure Autrans
France, December 1998, Prix de la Meilleure Image

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