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The Alps

Realm of the Golden Eagle


The Story

1.200 kilometre long, massive chains of rock form the most famous mountain range of the world. Raised up out of the ocean at Nice and aspiring to tens of thousands of pinnacles, the Alps fade away again to the south of Vienna. There between stretching in a wide arch lies a fascinating world – made familiar by legendary summits, surprising in their natural diversity.

After more than five years of production and copious use of time lapse cameras, aerials and special film equipment, a completely new picture of the alpine world has emerged with summits reaching for the stars and quiet secrets.




3x 50min

German & English

Production Team

Idea Walter Köhler ● Written by Michael Schlamberger, Norbert Winding, Klaus Feichtenberger ● Directed by Michael Schlamberger ● Photographed by Michael Schlamberger, Rolando Menardi ● Camera Assistants Otmar Penker, Jörg Goldbrunner ● Location Sound Rita Schlamberger, Jörg Goldbrunner, Otmar Penker ● Editor Andrew Naylor ● Music Kurt Adametz ● Vocal Christina Zurbrügg ● Written by Martin Mészáros ● Narrated by Andrew Golder ● Dubbing Edit Paul Clark ● Dubbin Mix Richard Crosby, Andrew Wilson, Werner Mühlbauer ● Compositings Raimund Sivetz ●  Colourist Willi Willinger ● Wescam Operator Irmin Kerck ● Scientific Consultant Norbert Winding ● Production Coordinator Anne-Marie Gores ● Production Manager Rita Schlamberger ● Series Producer Michael Schlamberger ● Executive Producer Walter Köhler

Thanks to Alpenzoo Innsbruck, Ludwig Auer, Frey Film, Großglockner Hochalpenstrassen AG, Ministrstvo za okolje in prostor Slovenija, Nationalpark Bayerischer Wald, Nationalpark Hohe Tauern, Parco Naturale delle Dolomiti d´Ampezzo, Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso, Pitztaler Gletscherbahnen, Tierpark Herberstein, Tiroler Zugspitzbahnen, Triglavski Narodni Park, Stubaitaler Gletscherbahnen, Swarovski, Walter Winding

A Co-Production of ScienceVision, ORF, RTV Slovenija, CANAL +, ZDF, and Discovery Channel.



24th International Wildlife Film Festival Missoula
USA, April 2001, “Merit Award for Photography”

BANFF Mountain Film Festival Canmore Canada
October 2001, Award nominee

17th International Festival of Ménigoute
France, November 2001, Prix Paysages

Wildlife Europe, The European Nature Film Festival Sundsvall
Sweden, December 2001, The Kodak Photography Award

Mednarodno Leto Gora, Ljubljana
Slovenia, April 2002, Nominee for Best Film and Best Director Award

Wildlife Vaasa, Vaasa
Finland, November 2002, Photography Award Winner



Festival de l’Oiseau et de la Nature, Abbeville
France, April 2001, Award nominee

49th International Mountain Film Festival Trento
Italy, April 2001, “Best Mountain Film” Award

12ème Festival International du Film Animalier, Albert
France, March 2002, Award winner “Prix de la Connaisance et de Protection de la Faune Européene”, Nominated “Prix de la Connaissance et Protection du Monde Animal”, Nominated “Prix Spécial du Public”, Nominated “Prix Spécial de la meilleure Image”



Biovision, Biennale der Naturfilme, Düsseldorf
Germany, February 2002, Nomination

17th international nature and environment film festival, FRAPNA, Grenoble
France, November 2002, Festival Nature Award

2nd International Festival of Nature Films – in the Name of the Waga Brothers
Poland, March 2002, Special Award for high social values



24th International Wildlife Film Festival Missoula
USA, April 2001, “Merit Award for Photography”

Wildlife Film Festival Jackson Hole, Wyoming
USA, September 2001, Finalist for “Best Limited series”

5th Telenatura Film Festival Pamplona
Spain, October 2002, Best Film Award

10th International Wlodzimierz Puchalski Nature Film Festival Lodz
Poland, June 2003, Festival Award

11th International Festival of Mountain Films Poprad
Slovakia, October 2003, Prize for the Preserving of the Mountain Environment

International Festival of Mountain and Adventure Films “Vertical” Moskau
Russia, April 2004, Winner of the category “Mountain Nature”

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