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A Refuge for the Scarce Fritillary

Land of Butterflies on the Untersberg


The Story

Lush green meadows vibrant with wildflowers of all shapes and colours, rich with a great diversity of wildlife are now rare in Europe – but here they still exist – in the Land of Butterflies on the Untersberg in the Grossgmain district near the city of Salzburg.

This film tells the story of perhaps the rarest butterfly in Europe, the Scarce Fritillary, and the LIFE project that was initiated to save this rare butterfly and also the many others that live in the wetland meadows around the Salzburg Open Air Museum.





German & English

Production Team

Written, Directed & Photographed by Michael Schlamberger ● Additional Camera Jiri Petr, Rudolf Diesel, Thomas Emrich ● Editor Omer Sacic ● Music Kurt Adametz ● Dubbing Editor & Mix Martin Rohrmoser ● Sound Design Martin Rohrmoser, Raimund Sivetz ● Written by Alfred Schwarzenberger, Jeremy Hogarth ● Narrated by Howard Nightingall ● Colourist Raimund Sivetz ● Archive Salzburger Freilichtmuseum Großgmain ● Scientific Consultant Patrick Gros ● Production Manager Anita Pfeffinger ● Producer Rita Schlamberger ● Project Manager Land Salzburg Bernhard Riehl


Thanks to Michael Becker, Peter Estner, Susanne Gewolf, ichaela, Alexander & Elena Gros, Paul Heiselmayer, Nathalie Kleiss,Heinz Kunrath, Vera Reitbauer, Christian Weis, Universität Salzburg/Botanischer Garten, Grundstücksbesitzer Untersberg-Vorland, Biotopschutzgruppe HALM

A ScienceVision Production for Land Salzburg/Naturschutz, supported by EU Life, Lebensministerium, Gemeinde Großgmain and Salzburger Freilichtmuseum.


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